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    Experience and expertise are the the key elements to achieving the best possible outcome.

    Doogue O’Brien George has handled over 30,000 criminal defence cases and appeals. Our experience in Court is second to none. Our lawyers focus on strategic thinking and a clear plan to present your matter in Court. We do not present a cookie-cutter approach. Each matter is diverse, every client is different and all circumstances are individual; this  needs to be reflected in the way you are represented before the Courts.

    Doogue O’Brien George is a firm with a very good reputation before the Courts. We will represent you with a high level of honesty, respect and understanding.

    Meet Our Lawyers

    Victoria’s largest criminal defence firm.

    In the early 1990s Bill Doogue and Conor O’Brien were both acting for the Aboriginal Legal Service when they decided to start their own firm specialising in criminal defence. In 1995 Doogue & O’Brien opened their first office in Broadmeadows, followed by a Melbourne CBD office in 2001, Heidelberg in 2008 and Morrabbin in 2012. In early 2013, Doogue & O’Brien merged with the established Sunshine firm Andrew George Solicitors to become Doogue O’Brien George.

    Years of experience, knowledge and familiarity with the Court process have gained Doogue O’Brien George a reputation as Melbourne’s leading defence firm. With the most Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Criminal Law specialists of any firm in Victoria, in-house counsel and unparalleled jury trial experience, Doogue O’Brien George is recognised as  the best choice for anyone facing the life-changing prospect of defending a charge before the Courts. Whether pleading guilty or not guilty, put your matter in the hands of lawyers who will present your case with dedication, diligence and understanding, getting you the best possible result.

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